Ducted Reverse Cycle

Do you want to provide climate control to your whole home? Seeking year-round comfort for your office?

We are qualified dealers of the complete range of LG, Panasonic and Seeley International ducted reverse-cycle air conditioners from 6kw up to 24kw. Maintain the aesthetic of your home with discreet venting in your ceiling or floor with a ducted air conditioning solution.

The LG range features wifi compatibility giving you the peace of mind and energy saving of being able to check in and switch your system off when not required or the convenience of switching it on in preparation of your arrival. Coming home to a cool home after a long summer day? Yes you can!

Plus you have ultimate control – are your adult kids coming home for the weekend or do you have guests staying in a room not often used? Maintain ultimate energy efficiency with zoning to heat and cool only the spaces you need!

Controlled by a wall-mounted touch-screen as well as through an app – you can have the ultimate control of your climate from the comfort of your lounge!

Feeling unsure of what would best suit your needs? We provide on-site inspections with a dual-qualified electrician and refrigeration and air conditioning technician who can assess your space and design the solution that best meets your needs.

Ready for our personalised advice? Contact our friendly Efficient Air & Energy team by email or by phone on (02) 63690313!