Smoke Alarms

Efficient Air & Energy supply and install all types of smoke alarms. Sleep easy knowing your home meets the Australian standard (AS 3786) requirements to give you early warning during a home fire.

Photoelectric smoke alarms – contain a photo cell and a light beam to detect smoke. These alarms are best at detecting smoky and smouldering fires, common in house fires.

Ionisation alarms – contain a small amount of radioactive material which reacts to particles emitted in a fire. These alarms are best at detecting fast-flaming fires that don’t produce much visible smoke however they are slower to react to smoke than photoelectric smoke alarms. They can also be prone to alarming around steam from cooking or showering so are best in locations away from the kitchen and bathroom.

Dual sensor alarms – contain both a photoelectric and an ionisation sensor.

Smoke alarms for the Deaf or people with hearing loss – feature visual alarms (strobing lights) and/or tactile alarms (vibration units).

Hard-wired smoke alarms – connect to your home’s 240v electrical system as well as having a battery back-up power supply.

Battery operated smoke alarms – can contain a 10 year lithium battery however lead and alkaline batteries need to be replaced each year.


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