Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrading your switchboard is a small investment for the sake of your family’s safety. If your switchboard hasn’t been updated in a while you should consider upgrading for the following reasons:

  • Short-circuits – older switchboards are at risk of fuses catching fire or risk of electric shock due to the risk of short circuits. If your current switchboard has replaceable wires on the fuses it does not meet the current Australian safety standards and must be replaced.
  • Safety switches – are crucial features of a safe and updated switchboard.
  • Asbestos switchboard panel – the switchboard panel in many older homes was made from Asbestos due to its fire-retardant qualities. Given what we now know about the hazardous nature of Asbestos material we can provide a new composite switchboard panel and safely remove the old board.
  • Inadequate power supply – Do your lights flicker or does your power trip? It may be an indication of inadequate power supply. Modern living relies on more appliances and devices than ever before. With our homes featuring computers, air conditioning, home theatres, microwaves, spas and pool pumps etc. we need switchboards that can handle your required power demand.

Efficient Air & Energy can assess your switchboard and provide you with a professional opinion and quotation. Don’t leave it too late to replace an ageing switchboard.

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