Switches and Powerpoints

A typical Australian home contains 30-40 power outlets. Efficient Air & Energy can supply and install switches and power outlets to suit the requirements of the different areas in your home or space.


  • Single powerpoints – general purpose outlets, ideal within cupboards, to service an appliance such as a rangehood, dishwasher, microwave, cooktop etc.
  • Double powerpoints – general purpose outlets to meet your multiple device needs, these are still the most commonly installed powerpoints!
  • USB powerpoints – a convenient option for simultaneously charging the multiple devices required for modern living!
  • Weatherproof/outdoor powerpoints – designed to resist corrosion, colour fading and impact while delivering power outdoors in our tough Australian climate.
  • Architrave size – slimmer designs for tighter spaces and well-suited to the space around doorways.
  • Dimmers and fan controls – allow you to control lighting levels and fan speeds with ease!
  • Cooker switches – to meet Australian industry standards a cooker switch must be installed within 2m of an electrical cooktop and oven.
  • TV/Data outlets – connect to TV or networks around your home.
  • Timer switches – when you need lights, fans or heaters to operate for a set period of time and switch off automatically!

Gone are the days of the standard white, plastic switch or powerpoint being your only option! Efficient Air & Energy have a range of style and colour options to suit your space and preference.


  • Glass
  • Textures
  • Metallic
  • Classic European
  • Heritage
  • Minimalist styles
  • Laminex interchangeable surrounds
  • LED indicator light
  • Audible on/off tones


  • Rocker switches
  • Toggle switches
  • Push buttons
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Multiway dimming and switching – ideal for large, open-plan living rooms so you can switch on the light no matter which way you enter the room.


Efficient Air & Energy only supply the brands we know and trust to meet the highest safety standards in our industry. Not sure where to start? We can assist you to select the best switches and powerpoints to meet your needs!

Ready for our personalised advice? Contact our friendly Efficient Air & Energy team by email or by phone on (02) 63690313!