Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are a popular choice for adding climate control to your home or space. While many people think of split systems to keep them cool in summer, split systems cleverly reverse the air flow to also heat with the same energy efficiency. In fact they provide even greater heating capacity than cooling capacity! Our clients with additional heating products in their homes (such as gas or wood heating) find the convenience of the split system perfect for the shoulder seasons to take the sting out of the autumn night air or the chill out of an early spring morning.

Offering a lower price point than ducted products, split system air conditioners can effectively heat and cool the space they are installed in, including large open-plan spaces, and you may choose to install more than one split system in your home or office. We are dealers for LG, Panasonic and Seeley International split system air conditioners and are proud to offer competitive prices and high quality installation. Compare our prices!

If you are looking for climate control throughout multiple rooms with a single product please consider our range of multi-head split systems or our ducted air conditioning solutions.

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