AERO Slim Design
The AERO slim design features sleek lines and graceful curves. SLIM & SLEEK – 42mm slimmer than previous models AERO CONTROLLER – Remote with precise temperature control (adjustable at 0.5aC).

Shower Cooling/Fast Cooling
Inspired by nature, AEROWlNGS feature twin motorised blades to deliver precise control of air flow direction, providing both Shower Cooling and Fast Cooling to create the perfect comfortable environment.

Automatic Fan Speed
iAUTO-X will automatically switch fan speed to high fan speed and super high fan speed depending on the temperature difference between the room and the set temperature.

How Shower Cooling Works
Cool air Is directed upwards, Cool air spreads evenly and showers down, Room Is evenly cooled down.

How Fast Cooling works
Concentrated cool air is delivered straight to you. The steady airflow cools you down quickly.

Panasonic air conditioners top Canstar Blue’s ratings once again
Panasonic is the only air conditioning brand to have topped Canstar’s ratings three times: 2014, 2016 & 2017! Once again we scored 5 Stars from Australian consumers, who are looking for energy efficient air conditioners.

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